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Inside CEO’ Shoes

Inside CEO’ Shoes

Solutionengineer-1024x768We are almost experienced the stories of “Inside customer’ shoes”.

At the end, there are list of action plan, activities, program for all operation and marketing staffs to fly around in order to meet the customer need and satisfied them.

Do not forget we are all responsible to satisfy your boss too. Let say CEO.

What kind of CEO role ? What are their needs ? and now let see what are inside the CEO’shoes.

All of CEO’s sweet time for all international companies are limited for each 4-5 years job cycle, from country to one country or from top to ground.

What are the strategies ?

  1. New CEO, bringing in the new idea, new approach, new success and fresh motivation.
  2. New CEO, bringing in an exiting to all staffs under his organization.

As well new CEO can bring in the bad things.

Term of 4-5 years then the limitation of new good or new bad idea to be spreaded.  Some may lucky that be able to extend their term by few years based on their success stories. But some one may be surprised by moving to new place just after a few month after landing.

Most of CEO may got key assignment, a certain key objectives to complete or success some of project or new products launch in new geographic or resolve some key issues for the past.

By limitation of time frame,  their management style could become the project management rather than the operation management.

What are their requirement, process and key outcome ?


  1. Timely informed for key movement in the organization
  2. Timely to win & lost of customer.
  3. Timely to safety event reporting and analysis.
  4. Timely for weekly or monthly sale status.

While their work processing are mostly the decision making on top of availability of information.

Wrongly and lately information could lead to wrong decision making and failure of his/her landing term.

Since their term is very short, by first landing year could take them a half year to learn the country and people and the last years could take him  up to 6 months lost of focus, since they need to plan for taxi and take-off.

Only short period remaining for their contribution to the country.

What is /are key factors for their success on top of their own personality and competency ?

  1. The strong local team, to provide him/her the required information. Timely, reliable and accuracy.
  2. Team effort to sharing, brainstorming for the best solution for organization for his/her final decision making.

If you are their subordinate, you should learn this timely and accuracy supporting.

They are the one who should take fully response to all result, give them a support, you will  get the right thing for country and they should get return ticket on the right ETD.


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